Propagating Figs

Air-layering a new fig tree.

The figs we’ve been eating have been really good. So, I decided to put some of my technical skills to work on propagating the tree we have.  So after a little bit of research and a little pondering, I have started air-layering three branches, which, if successful will result in three small trees around the beginning of October. I also tried rooting a limb directly by digging a hole under it and just burying it (with a large rock over it to hold it down).  I expect I’ll leave this one until spring time.

Assuming the branches I’ve air layered develop roots, I’ll transplant them into pots and over-winter them outside in a sheltered area.  Come springtime, if they’re still alive and healthy I expect I’ll be looking for homes for them. Is anyone interested in growing figs?  This tree is the Turkish fig variety. They’re great on salads and they dry  well.There’s probably 100 other uses but I am still learning.

Let me know if you’re interested in a fig tree and if I’m successful, you may get your wish.  They seem to grow about 10-12 feet high and 15-20 feet or so in diameter.  While it’s called a “tree” it is really more of a shrub.

Rooting a new fig tree.

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